Business Charter Flights with Kalbarri Scenic Flights

Exactly where do you need to be, and when?

Custom Charter to see exactly what you need to observe from above. We can organise general charters throughout the Mid-West to meet your needs; anything from transport place to place to aerial tours and business day trips.

There are many good reasons for booking a business charter flight:

  • Faster than driving!
  • Depart at your preferred time.
  • Fly to multiple destinations in one day.
  • Privacy for those en-route briefs or important meetings.
  • Arrive refreshed for the appointment or meeting.
  • Don’t require overnight accommodation due to the normal driving distances.
  • Many more!

Charters will need to be quoted on an individual basis since costs do vary with individual requirements. Contact us now to discuss how we can help.


Business Charter Flights

Business Charter Flights

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